Turkish Bath & Spa

At Sea Breeze we have a luxurious, purpose built Turkish Bath, Spa and Sea Breeze Beauty Salon offering a wide range of professional massages, beauty treatments and relaxing therapies. Why not pamper yourself this holiday with a touch of total indulgence?

While you are staying with us indulge yourself with an authentic Turkish Bath (Hamam). Our Spa also has a massage room with experienced masseurs, private changing rooms, a traditional Swedish pine sauna and ornately tiled jacuzzi & shock shower.

What is a Turkish Bath?

Since Greco-Roman times the communal bathhouse or hamam has been an important feature of life in Anatolia. In present day Turkey the practice of deep cleansing the body and relaxing together in the hamam has continued despite the practice dying out in other Mediterranean countries. Most Turkish towns of any size have a hamam tucked away somewhere. It follows the same principles as the Finnish sauna, both inducing sweating, but the Turkish bath uses flowing water as opposed to steam. Similar to its Roman predecessors, a typical hamam consists of three basic, interconnected rooms: the sıcaklık (or hararet -calidarium), which is the hot room; the warm room (tepidarium), which is the intermediate room; and the soğukluk, which is the cool room (frigidarium).

The sıcaklık usually has a large dome decorated with small glass windows that create a half-light; it also contains a large marble stone called göbek taşı (tummy stone) at the center on which the customers lie, and niches with fountains in the corners. This room is for soaking up steam and getting massages. The warm room is used for washing with soap and water and the soğukluk is to relax, dress up, and have a refreshing drink of tea.

Some accessories from Roman times survive in modern hamams, such as the peştemal (a special cloth of silk and/or cotton to cover the body, like a pareo), nalın(wooden clogs that prevent slipping on the wet floor), kese (a rough mitt for massage), and sometimes jewel boxes, gilded soapboxes, mirrors, henna bowls, and perfume bottles.

At the Sea Breeze hamam, in addition to the traditional full body scrub and foam massage, we offer our guests the chance to indulge in the ultimate pleasure of a relaxing oil massage, given by our highly professional masseurs, to complete the experience.